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Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
hours in petaluma want to thank terry and his photographer. steve is out there, thanks guys. yellows and oranges moving away from petaluma still, sitting on 101 between there and novato up towards cotati. to the south on 101 mainly light rain from novato down to tiburon, belvedere and sausalito golden gate bridgetáñ getting light rain. glen ellen moderate rain heading your way, sonoma, heading towards napa, entire system making that south san francisco starting to get sprinkles now in thej8 bridge going to get wet in 10 minutes. morning rain today steadiest and heaviest through the morning, waves of showers the rest of today, heavy rain during the overnight hours tonight, more rain tomorrow, of the lighter variety and steadier rain for sunday;f, saturday afternoon going to be our period of lightest rain i can't say it will be dry. a break from the rain completely monday, more rain in the forecast, christmas night that through wednesday and thursday next week. 7:00 moderate rain moving through the heart of the bay into the south bay by the end of the commute, 9:00, moderate rain a
Dec 22, 2012 6:00am PST
grove. many drivers like steve decided to chain up before they were required to do so. >> this is my first time putting chains on. >> this is actually some of the faster traffic. as you can see. it's not moving that fast. >> i don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle so i have to chain up. >> ken's dog may find the chaining process fascinating but not everyone was excited. >> i'm getting tired of it. >> despite the rough ride, most agreed now is the time to get the hard part out of way to clear the path for a fun weekend. >> katie: storm is causing problems for travelers, as well. yesterday, at sfo, flights were cancelled, others were delayed for hours. plenty of passengers frustrated there. for up to the date information on flight cancellations and delays, just go to the flight tracker on the front page of our website at this is the flight tracker at its peak today, check it out. every dot represents a plane. >>> new this morning, st. anthony's foundation in san francisco is holding 24th annual curbside donation drive this weekend. curbside donations will be accepted star
Dec 23, 2012 6:00am PST
in regulation, but it went to overtime. steve nash back in the lineup for the first time since october 31st. warriors up 14 in the first. lakers storm back. nash at three. got it. and they answer. the jam. 104-103, warriors. the deep two, lakers back on top by one. david lee a double-double. 20 points, 11 boards. this gives his team the lead. but then metta world peace with the strong game. hits the three. 1108 - 106. under 30 seconds left. jared jack answers for golden state. ties it at 108. 29 for jack. we go to overtime and kobe took over. falls down, still makes the bucket. 34 for bryant. and warriors a last chance. steph curry misses. warriors gave away the rebound. what finish but the warriors lose an absolute heartbreaker. 118 ev115, the final. all right. college hoops, stanford hosted by long time rifle tennessee and the lead cardinal had too much game. former tennessee coach pat sumner was on hand probably thinking what everyone else was, how do we stop her? the first. she's there for the put back. a double-double, 21 points, 19 rebounds. stanford remains undefeated at 11-1 with a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3